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    California Super Fresh Dungeness Crabtm?

    This isn't ordinary store-bought frozen crab

  • Crab on the Run FAQs

  • Freshness isn't always what is claimed

    While the crabbing season is open for Dungeness crab most of the catch is caught off the northern U.S. coast. Most retailers will have contracts with out-of-state suppliers. During the time between when the crab is brought to the pier and when it reaches consumers outlets the crab has been thawed and refrozen a minimum of four times.

    Availability of crab

    The market for locally cooked crab has been limited for unknown reasons. The one exception is a San Pedro, CA grocery store which has been allowed to cook and prepare crab on the premises for its customers. This is the sole business allowed to do this. While you may not have the time to head to Southern California, Crab on the Run can bring the crab to you and your party.

    Popularity of crab

    Many families are devoted fans of having crab feasts and a good time. As traditions go the arrival of crab season marks for many the start of merry holidays. California Super Fresh Dungeness Crab is great tasting and offers your family something they can enjoy together.