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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you ship your crab?

    Only under special circumstances. We prefer to deliver within the San Francisco Bay Area and certain Northern California locations. If you need to have an order shipped to a distant destination we can do that.

    Is the crab guaranteed fresh?

    Yes. Like our motto says “From Dock to Door ….” We are fortunate to have access to the freshest crabs for delivery. Live crab will survive on the counter and plan to cook them the same day for best flavor.

    Is the crab guaranteed fresh?

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    Will the live crabs be living when they are delivered?

    Our service doesn’t cause much adversity for the crabs and the potential of oxygen drops is greatly reduced due to shorter delivery time and simpler packaging. We can’t forego a possibility of one or two crabs in a package of ten will perish. Chill them over ice to ease the steps of cooking.

    How do I reheat cooked crab?

    Steaming for 5 to 10 minutes until the core temps get hot is ideal. Cracking open a claw will tell you when they are piping hot. Going longer that 10 minutes will result in toughen and dry out the meat. You can also microwave them under a towel for 1-2 minutes or warm in an oven at 375 around 10 minutes.

    How often does your menu change?

    We will add other items as the season changes and demand for other seafood becomes available.

    What delivery options are available?

    We currently work with Door Dash to ensure you receive the freshest crab available.

    What if I have to cancel and request a later delivery?

    We can work with you if the cancellation is done 5 days prior to the scheduled delivery time. Just send us an email and we’ll help you reschedule. Otherwise all sales are final and the order will be subject to fees equaling the purchase value.

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  • Bellhop Delivery Service

    $20 – Deliveries 5 miles from Pier 45

    $25 – Deliveries 10 to 20 miles from Pier 45

    $30 – Deliveries 20 to 30 miles from Pier 45

    $35 – Deliveries 30 to 40 miles from Pier 45

    $40+ – Deliveries 40 to 60 miles from Pier 45 Call for Quote


    Someone must be available to take delivery or the order may not be delivered.

    All sales are final. There are no cancellations on any orders that are less than 5 days or less to the delivery date.

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    in as soon as an hour

    The most FRESH DUNGENESS CRAB you can buy anywhere!

    Delivered to your door, home or work from SF to San Mateo Co.

    We offer Shipping as well for our Super-fresh Dungeness Crab
    Northern California delivered to your door, home or work!!

    Dock to Door in as soon as an hour

    Delivery times of our Super-fresh crab will vary depending on your area

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    Try this Linguini Italiano crab dish for a special lunch or dinner

  • Disclaimer

    Weights and sizes of crabs will vary from order to order. we are processing thousands of pounds a day and we cannot guarantee an exact amount of crab at exact sizes. Even though orders show a per Crab price on our website you may eventually get more crabs due to the outcome and the variety of sizes we get when preparing your order. Essentially you may order 20 crab but receive 18 or 22 depending on the sizes of the crab.

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