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A simple explanation of PA4aDay

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PA4aDay solves a simple but popular request for many people throughout the world - How do I get involved in the Film and Entertainment industry? It's simple, join PA4aDay! It doesn't matter what your goals might be. If you are already a serious player in the biz, or you want to seek a career in this crazy but extremely rewarding industry, or maybe you are just trying to check off a task on your Bucket List of Life. PA4aDay will help you succeed. In full disclosure, the training you will receive as part of the PA4aDay Program you choose is a very serious but fun experience. You will learn from experts what to do and how to do it in the industry. And if you graduate and move on to work a show keep in mind, YOU ARE THERE TO WORK, and you will WORK YOUR A$$ OFF!


It doesn't matter where you come from, your education, your age race or shoe size, we will help you get In2Hollywood! Fees vary, but we have something for all budgets. Anyone younger than 18 years old needs your parents or legal guardian approval in writing.


It begins by you filling out a PA4aDay Application and telling us your current "Story" - who you are, what you do, your interest in PA4aDay, etc. Your Story should be no longer than 2 full pages and it must be no shorter than 2 paragraphs in length. Let us know separately what your goals and aspirations are (they don't necessarily need to relate to the Film or Entertainment industry), and if you have a plan on how you expect to achieve them let us know that as well. If participating in PA4aDay is on your Bucket List or maybe it has just been a fantasy to work on a Motion Picture, TV, Film, Video or Commercial set or project, then please include this in your Story as well.

Once we launch PA4aDay you will have the opportunity to sign up for projects as they are presented to us. Depending on your current skill sets and experience in life, again, not necessarily in the Film Industry. This is part of the process that will help us to determine the different packages and where you will be eligible to participate. The PA4aDay Program is the same for everyone. It will not vary if you are checking off a bucket list item, a traveler from another country, or are serious about being in the motion picture industry. Here's why...


When you apply to be part of a PA4aDay Program you will receive experiential training to give you the skills and proper understanding, procedures and protocols for working on a Live Set. Keep in mind, no matter what your backstory might be you are truly in a PA Bootcamp learning the skills to work in the "Industry", regardless of what you think, pay or expect - everyone is treated the same! You will not be allowed on a Movie set or otherwise unless we feel you have earned your stars and have graduated from PA4aDay Bootcamp!


Here is the outline of being part of the PA4aDay process:

1. Application

2. Your Story - submit with your application - SIGN Application

3. Schedule Phone interview #1 - There is currently a 3 week backlog, an Expert Call will speed up the process

4. You will either receive a Thank you Letter to move the process forward, or a denial with in invite to reapply

4a. You will only be offered one chance to reapply in the Calendar year

5. We send you PA4aDay Program Outline - You must respond & confirm your receipt of the outline by email

6. You have 72 hours to Review the full Program Outline and Sign the 2nd set of Documents

7. Return Documents completely acknowledging your review and agreement to move the process forward

8. Schedule Phone interview #2 - You can choose an Expert Call to speed up the process - either way it will not affect our decision to accept or deny your application

9. Final step - tell us if anything has changed as to you participating in PA4aDay since we first received your application

10. Update Your Story - last chance to share anything about YOU with us that might help us in the process

11. Final Interview over Skype

12. We either accept your application and congratulate you or deny your application and invite you to reapply (in most cases)

If you are Super Serious about participating in PA4aDay prior to our Beta Launch, you can send us an email and in the subject write: "ALPHA TEST REQUEST For PA4ADAY", we will contact you soon.

*As a "serious player in the biz" you may want to improve your skills or advance your career to become even more serious with greater rewards. AWESOME! Ask us about our In2 Interventions and how we can help counsel you in your next steps to advance your career even more quickly! This is an exclusive service between PA4aDay and In2Hollywood. One of our Experts can help guide you along the way beginning with a series of EXPERT PHONE CALLS and eventually a one on one meeting depending on your situation.