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Hot fresh sourdough in your oven

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Getting your sourdough bread just right

These are the steps to a delicious meal

That oh-so good experience of drenching your sensory overload bread into rich and buttery dipping sauce is something you can't deny yourself. Every bite is a new rush of dribbling flavor.

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To get the dark and tangy sourdough bread to that state that's so drool over and ready for dipping, I have gleaned the instructions from the ramblings of a mad baker. His ravings are loaded with juicy tips. Remember to put on the bib or you're gonna be a hot mess.

Raymond's Sourdough Mini Baguettes in their par baked state ready for oven browning.

How to heat up the par baked bread

  • The Micro baguettes,
  • The 3 oz. Sourdough Dinner rolls
  • The individual sourdough sandwich rolls

All have about a 5 min bake time. Or till your desired crust color is achieved.

That desired crust statement goes for all the breads

The 1/2 lb. items take 10 minutes - Sourdough Rounds and baguettes .
The Large sour rounds take 15 min.

So the instructions are :

Allow bread to thaw
Preheat oven to 400*
ist with water
Bake for the minutes described above for the bread you ordered

As a general rule in cooking or baking-- Wait till your oven is up to temperature.